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X TUP rirROHirrits cu 

I- ROM I! V I L lir B HAV 

The Besi-Looking Xbox 
Game We've Ever Seen. 
And We've Seen Them All. 

-Official Xbox Magazine 

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rhe Cfirwi^ea Dt Riddia, EK.^pe (ffwi Bixrciier Bat" HTtcmdire giinie «^ 20CW VtwKti (hnvrrsnl Oir 

W^n Intense Violence 
■^V Strong L^nguags 


I LLP m rH]h[5 re&ermi Vivwidi LUmvefwl G-itihs awt ir 

I Mtmwr(r,-sl{!*rjrk5iJfeprcpeilyol1lK!imJ5pecli¥e4?«vi>i!r& MHiiKdn.Kl 
Xr»K jiriT.tlie tin?tO(iD. arKl Ihfl XlMi logos are rcgistefMUndemiiiis m badpnmV-i pf MicrnsaCtCofpt 





Disc Tray 

Controller port 1 
Controller port 2 

I Eject button 
Power button 

- Controller pqrt J 

1 . Set up your )Cbox video game system by following the instructions in ttie Xbox 
Instruction Manual. 

2. Press the Power button and the status indicator will light up, 

3. Press the Eject button and itie disc tray will open. 

4. Place the Men of {/alor"^ disc or the disc tray witti the latel facing up and close 
the disc tray. 

5. Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual tor more informatian about 
playing Men of Vator. 

To avoid damage to discs or the disc drive: 

• Insert only Xboy-compatihie discs into the disc drive, 

• Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shaped or heart-sttaped discs. 

• Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for eidended periods when not in use. 

• Do not move ttie Xbox console while ttie power is on and a disc Is Inserted. 

• Do not apply labels, stickers, or other foreign objects to discs. 

Connecting to Xbox Live'" 

Take Men of Valor Beyond the Box 

Xbox live is a tiigti-speed or broadband Internet gaming communitv where you can 
create a permanent gamer identity, set up a Friends List with ottier players, see when 
they're online, invite them to play, and talk to them in real-time as you play. To determine 
if Xbo)( live is available in your region and for information about connecting to Xbox Live, 
see www.xbax.coni/cannect and select your country. See Page S for more about 
Xbox live. 


Before you can use Xbox live, you need to connect your Xbox console to a high-speed Internet 
connection and sign up for the Xbox live service. To determine if Xbox Live is available ir yosjr 
region and for information aljout connectng to Xbox Live, see www.Kbox.conn/CDnnect, 

left trigger 


BACK button 
START button 


right trigger 
Y button 
X button 
8 button 
A button 

■ Black bunon 
White button 



1 . Connect the Xbox Controller to any controller port on the front of the Xbox console. 
For multiple players, connect additional controllers to available controller ports, 

2. Insert: any expansion devices (for example. XboK Memory Units) into controller 
expansion slots as appropriate. 

3. Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more information about 
using the Xbox Controller to play Men of Vator. 

Controller Setup 


2 IbMlglt^-^JilLOlii 

kaHblt^-Ailklli^O^lk 3 


You are a Marine stationed in Vietnam in 1955. Vou are about to be ttirowr Into the line of fire 
in the fielcts, rice paddies, and j jrgles of Souttieast Asia. You won't have time to think about 
politics, protests, or the threat of world Communism — you'll need to focus all your attention on 
making sure you and yojr buddies get back in one piece. 




New Game - Begin a new Campaign Game. 

Load Game - Load a Campaign Game 

already In progress. 

M jitlplayer - Create or join a multiplayer 

game on-line. 

Cooperative - Play the Campaign Game 

with a friend, 

Xbox t(Ve- Play Men of Valor™ on-line. 

See Page B for more Information. 

Options - Change ttie video, audio, and 

game play settings. 

&ed its -View the list of Credits 

Starting a New Game 

Profile Screen - Select New Game from the Main ivienu to go to Itte Profile screen, where 
you can select or edit an existing profile or create a new one, Your options settings, multiplayer 
preferences, Campaign Game progress, and other Information are stored here. 

Campaign - Play the Campaign Game by yourself or cooperatively wllfi a friend. 

Map Select -To start a new Campaign Game, select a mission and an operation from the Map 
Select Screen. Move between ttie Operation Selection window and the Mission Selection window 
by pressing left or right on the D-pad. Scroll through your choices by pushing jp and down an 
the D-pad. lAfhen yoy have made your selections, press the Q button to begin the missioin. 

Loading a Saved Game - Progress is saved automatically and a saved game file Is created 
when you complete a level. Access saved games by selecting Load Game from the Main Menu 
when you start a game, or from the Pause Menu during a mission, To load a game, use the 
D-pad to select the game and press the O button to play. 

Mission Briefings -At the Mission Briefing Screen you can read and hear about the upcoming 


Playing a Mission - As you play, Mission Objectives are displayed as they are issued. They can 
also be displayed at any time by pressing ttie mi button. If you complete eacti objective, you 
will complete the mission and move on to the next mission. If you fail an objective, you will fail 
the mission and need to restart the mission. 

Mission Debriefing -When a mission Is completed successfully, you will be laken to the 
Mission Debriefing Screen. When ttie debriefing Is over, press the © button to go to the Score 
Screen. When you are finished viewing your score for the mission, press the © button to go 
on to the next mission. 


Reticule -Your Aiming Reticule tells where 
ttie shots Iroffl your weapon will land. It will 
expand in sije when your shots are less 
accurate, and will shrinic in size when they 
are more accurate. When you are shot at by 
an enemy, a quadrant of the reticule will flash 
yellow to indicate the direction from which 
ttia shot came. Ttie reticule will flash red to 
Indicate the direction from which you are hit. 

Kealtli Gauge -The Health Gauge is gold when 

full, and becomes dark red as you take damage. 

When there Is no gold left In the gauge, you will die. Ttte damage you take from bleeiing is 

displayed In flashing red. This red will slowly drain over time, representing loss of blood. To 

prevent this, press and hold the © button to apply first aid. 

Weapon Display - This displays the name of your weapon and its fire mode. Below are two 
numbers: the numtier to the left Indicates the amount of ammunition loaded In your weapon; 
the number to the right indicates the total number of rounds. 

Compass -The yellov^ line on the rim of the compass is your Objective Indicator, showing the 
direction you need to go to accomplish your cu^ent objective. The compass arrow will till with 
yellDw the closer you get to your objective. 

Objectives - Objectives and other messages will appear briefly next to the Compass when they 
are received. Review ttiem by pressing the «p button. 


Press the 'iSl button during game play to 
bring up the Pause Menu. Move between 
menu options using the D-pad, and activate 
the following selections by pressing the Q 
button: Return to Game, Settings, Friends List, 
Restart Map, and Load Game. Press ttie 
'iiii button again to return to game play. 


Movement - Move around by pushing the left thumbstick In the direction you want to go. 

Tuming/Afming - Move the right thumbstick to change the direction you are aiming. 

Crouching - Click the left thumbstick once to crouch down. Cilck it again to stand. 

Going Prone - Click and hold the left thumbsfek down for one second to lie prone. Click again 
to go into a crouch. Click and hold to stand from prone position. 

4 mi^iti«imiL0i^ 

KIlSltl^^SaMl^la 5 


Using Objects 

Some objects in ttie world, like mounted weapons or trap doors, can be used by pressing 

the O button. 

Booby Traps 

The Viet Cong we^e particularly skilted at Improvising booby traps. Some booby traps, like 
piingee slake traps, must be avoided. Others, like the Malay Whip, can be disarmed. If you are 
close enough and are iooking at tliem, vou will be prompted to disarm them. Press Q to do so. 

Placing Objects 

In some missions you rray need to place claymore mines or other ot)jects at specific locations. 
An Icon o; outline of the object will appear wfiere the object should placed, Press and hold the 
O button to place It 

COMBAT (Using Controller Configuration A) 


Use the right thumbstick button to center the feticule over the target. If the reticule is aimed at 

a friendly character or squadmate, a red X icon will indicate that the target should not be shot. 

Precise Aim Mode 

To flit an enemy reliatily, stop moving and aim precisely. Pull the left trigger to raise your 

weapon to your shoulder. You will not be able to move In Precise Aim mode, but you will be 

able to lean around obstacles by moving the left thumbstlck.To exit Precise Aim ftflode. 

release the left trigger. 


To fire your weapon, pull the right trigger. 


If your weapon's magazine Is empty, the weapon will automatically be reloaded the ne^t time 
you pull the right trigger. If you want to reload your weapon tisfore the ammunitien runs out, 
press the © button. 

Fire Modes 

Most weapons have two main fire modes: semi-automatic ahd automatic, Vou can toggle through 

friese modes by pressing the © button. 


To quickly switch behween weapons, press any direction on the D-pad — each weapon you are 
carrying is mapped to a specific direction. Press and tiold a direction on the D-pad to view the 
Weapon Menu and select the weapon of choice, in Cooperative games, only the White button 
can be used to cycle weapons. 


Pull back and hold the right bigger to pull the pin on a grenade, then release the right trigger 
to throw it. If you decide rot to throw the grenade after pulling the pin, press the O button. 
Grenades travel in an arc, so aim your reticule a bit high to hit targets at longer ranges. 


Ml 4- The M14 is a solid battle rifle with excellent long-range accuracy and a good pun*. 

Ml 6 - The Ml 6 inflicts excellent damage at shorter ranges and Is very accurate In automatic 
fire mode. 

Ml 91 1 - The Ml 91 1 , the standard- issue American sidearm, has very 
good stopping power at short ranges and is essential in tunnels and 

M79 - The grenade launcher, or "bloop gun," fires different grenade 
types: fragmentation rounds, and buckshot, 

M60 - The M60 is a reliable general purpose machine gun useful for 
laying down suppressive fire. 


MM ^ 

{For more weapons, go to ttie Men of Valor™ Welisite at 


Smoke Grenades 

Smoke grenades release a ciou-d of smoke, vvhich can be used to mark 
locations for air strikes, signal a helicopter for evacuation, or tilock an 
enemy's line of sight. 

M18 Claymore Mines 

These antipersonrei mines are useful for amijushes. Place them at 
designated positions by pressing the O button and detonate with 
your Clacker. Equip this det/ice as you would a weapon and pull the 
Fire Trigger to activate. 


The bayonet is a useful hand-to-hand weapon. In Slash mode, it can quickly damage enemies. 

In Stab mode, it is excellent for silently eliminating enemies. 


Viet Cong 

The Viet Cong (VC) were the guerrilla armies of the Communist South Vietnamese, Main Force 
Viet Cong tended to be well or3ani!ed and properly equipped, hut many VC were pressed into 
service and fought without much discipline. 

Nortli Vietnamese Army 

The North Vietnamese Army (MVA) was a mix of new recmits and veteran fighters. It benefitted 
from solid training In conventional warfare as well as knowledge of Insurgency techniques. 
WA units had access to Soviet and Chinese-made weapons and vehldes, and employed 
state-of-the-art air defenses. 

6 misK-miL^isi 

HngM-miUDSi 7 


Play single-player missions cooperatively on a single Xbox in split-screen. Or ise System Link 
or Xbox i/wto play five other muitiplayer game types tor up to 12 players! 

System Link 

System Link allows 2 to 12 Xbox video game systems to be linked via an Xbox System link 

Cable or moltiplB Xbox systems via an Ethernet hub and standard Ethernet cables. 

To begin a System Linti game, select Muitiplayer from the Main Menu, Choose System Link from 
the connection type taS and then create or join games already in progress. Press the © button 
to advance to the Game type select screen, Select one of five game types to create, "Rien 
advance to the Map List screen. Press ttie © button to select one of the existing games 
displayed in Uie I3ame Listing vjindow and then advance to the M jltiplayer lobby screen where 
yoj can pick your team/class. 

Split Screen 

Split Screen lets two players play on one Xbox system in Cooperative or Muitiplayer mode. To 
begin a Split Screen game, select Muitiplayer, Xbox Live, or Cooperative from the Main Menj. In 
the Profile select screen, activate two profiles. Then create or join any game to begin in Split 
Screen mode. During single or muitiplayer games, a second player may join in at any time by 
pressing the 'ij£ button on a second controller. 

Xbox Live 

Xbox Live gives access to Microsoft's matchmaking service. Players from all over the world can 
meet up and play any of the muitiplayer games that Men of Valor™ provides. (Xbox Live account 
and broadband Interiiet access are reqjired to play Men of Valoravet the Internet.) 

[For more information on connecting to the Xbox Live service, please refer to p,2.] 

Xbox Live Main Menu 

Quick Match - Join any available match, 

Optimalch - Search for games that meet your 

Create Match - tlost your own game server with 
settings that you specify, 

friends - See friends that are online and pending 
friend requests, 

XbOK Live Settings - Allows you to set Voice 
Masking and Online / Offline appearance. 

Statistics -Access online statistics and leader boards. 

Sign Out - Sign out of the Xbox Live service. 

8 mi^i^*5:^E/&i^ 



The Marfne Rifleman tias no special ahllitles, but he can pid^ up and use a wider range of 
weapons ttian other classes. 

The Marfne Machine Gunner is a heavy vi^eapcns expert adept at controlling the recoil of 
automatic weapons. 

The Tunnel Rat Is specialized for infllbating bunkers and fortifications. He can use side arms 
and can disarm booby traps, Tunnel Rats are also expert scouts who have the ability to sense 
nearby enemies. 

Marine Sniper This class is highly accurate with scope-equipped rifles. Snipers can use 
semiautomatic rifles and side arms. 

Green Beret, This class Is specialized for amboshes and raids. Green Berets can use carbines 
and can place Claymore mines. A Green Beret begins mth four Claymores. He can place them 
by equipping fiem as a weapon, then looking at the ground and pulling the right trigger. This 
will place the mine on the ground beneath his reticule, facing the direction the player is facing. 
Equipping the Clacker and pulling the right trigger will detonate placed mines. 

ARVN Ranger. The Rangers were ttie elite troops of the Republic of Vietnam, ARVN Rangers 
can can disarm booby b^ps and call in mortar strites by mari<ing an area w/ith smoke grenades. 
Throw a smoJ^e grenade where you want the strike to occur and several mortar shells will fall 
within a short time. 

Marine Coipsman. This class is the medic of the team. Corpsmen can heal wounded playera by 
moving close to a player and pressing the O button. The Corpsman can pick up extra Medic Kits 
on the battlefield — for each Health Power-up picked up, the Corpsman gets three Medic Kits. 


The Communist classes parallel their Allied counterparts in functionally and abilities. 

The NVA Rifleman is versatile but unexceptional. 

The Uiet Cong Sniper is elusive and highly accurate with his sniper rifle. 

The NVA Sapper is an infiltration and demDlitJan expert. Sappers can also disarm Claymore 
mines by crouching near them and pressing the O button when prompted. 

Viet Cong Guerrillas. These jungle v/arfare experts can use most kinds of weapons and can 
place booby traps on the battlefield. Booby traps must be equipped as a weapon and are placed 
by pointing the reticule at the ground and pulling the right trigger, Vou can then move and pull 
the triggEr again to place the trip wire lor the trap anyv«here within ten meters of the trap itself, 

HVA Machine Gunner. This Is the Communist heavy weapons cless, and functions the same as 
the Marine Machine Gunner. 

Viet Cong Forward Obsenrers. The VC were renowned for their expertise w^lth mortars, and the 
Forward Observers were vital to identifying targets and ensuring accuracy. They can call in mortar 
strikes with smoke grenades in the same manner as ARVN Rangers, 

NVA Medic. The Medic functions the same way as the IVIarlne Corpsman, except that he only 
receives two Medic Kits per Health Power-Up. 

(See (fie Men of Valor Website [iitipJ/! for more information about 
Muitiplayer Classes.] 


There are five types of multiplayer games avaifable via System Link or Xbox Uve. 

Multiplayer Mission 

Multjplayer missions are specific to cacti map and, like single-player missior^s, are based on his- 
torical events. The objective of each rrultipiayer [Tiission is different. 


• If the attacking force achieves its otjjeclives, it is victoriojs. 

• If the deferdirg force successfuily defends its objectives, it is victorious. 

• If all players on one side are killed and tiave run out of respawns, the other side 
is victorious. 

• If the time limit expires and ttte attacking force has not accomplished its otijectivas, ttie 
defending force is victorious, 

Team Deathinatch 

Team Deattimatch is a free-for-ail in whicti each team attempts to tack up the most kilJs in ttie 
Specified time timit. The objective is to kill as many memtiers of the opposite team as possible. 
Victory goes to the team with the highest score when the gaming session encls.Tlie session 
concludes when the time limit set for tue session expires, when ore team meets the Kill limft 
set for the game, or when all members of one team have run out of respawns. 


Deattimatch is an all-agalnst-ail battle to kill tfie most players before the session ends. The 

objective is to obtain the highest individual score. Victory goes to the player with the most points 

when the session ends. Game conclusion and score are assessed in the same manner as team 


Recover ttie Documents 

This game requires teams to maintain control of inteiligence documents long enough to remove 

them from the battlefield. The objective is to captore an item, such as a bundle of intelligence 

documents, and tring it back to the team's base. The defending team tries to prevent this, 


1 . Both teams have bases on the map, and each team starts at their base, 

2. One side are the attackers, charged with locating the documents and bringing Ihem back to 
their team's base. The other side are the defenders, who attempt to stop tfie attackers (rem 
hringing the documents to their base. Each gaming session consists of a best of 1 , 3, or 5 
rounds in which the attacking and defending teams alternate roles. 

3. T?iB documents randomly spawn in an area of the defender at the start of the gaming session. 

4. Only the attacking team may pick up the dociiments. If a player is killed while carrying the 
documents, the documenis are dropped at the location of the Mi and can be picked up by 
another attacking character. If the defending team touches the documents once they are 
dropped, the documents spawn back in the defenders' base. 

Scoring - if the attacking team places the documents within their filing cabinet before the 
match is over, ttiey win. Othenwtse, the defenders win The match concludes if the set time limit 
expires, all members of the attacking force are out of respawns, or the attacking force returns 
the documents to their filing cabinet. Sessions are played to the best of 1 , 3, or 5 rounds. 

10 iiiiisM-m.iL<D>iJi 

Search and Destroy 

This game requires both teams to attack and defend simultaneously while searching for Items on 
the map, The objective is to locate the three pieces of your team's mortar and bring them back to 
base while preventng the opposing team from retrieving the three pieces of their mortar. 


1 Each team has a base where they will start at the beginning of the session. Within each 
base area is a setup point where the mortar pieces can be brought and assembled. 

2. Three mortar pieces for each team are randomly distributed on each map. A player can only 
pick up a mortar piece that belongs to his team. 

3. If a player is killed while canning a mortar piece, the piece is dropped at the location 
of the kill. 

A. if a player brings a piece hack to his team's assembly area and walks over to the mortar 
outline, the piece is taken from his inventory and assembled on the site. 

Scoring -The team that assembles their mortar first Is victonous. Once ail three pieces of the 
mortar have been brought to the assembly area, the mortar is completed and will begin firing on 
the opposing base. If the set time limit expires, the team with the most mortar pieces assembled 
is the victor If both teams haife the same number of pieces, the team that assembled their last 
piece first is the winner. 

Mtiitiplayer IVIatch Settings 

Press the © button to access Mulfiplayer Match Settings via the Map List screen. 

• Time Limit - Sets the Sme limit for the 
game session, 

• Score Limit - Sets the score limit for 
the match. 

• Rounds Per Map - Sets the number of 
rounds each map plays before changing to 
the ne)rt map, 

• tTnlimited Map Rotation - Cycles through 
the maps on the map list until the server 
guits ouL 

• Max, Players - Sets the maximum number of 

• Dedicated Server- Allows players to make their Xbox a dedicated server. In this mode, 
overall game performance is enhanced and more players can be supported in a 
single match. 

• Hflax. Respawn - The number of times a player may respawn in a given game, 

• Even Teams - Evens out the teams during a match. 

• Cfass Restriction - Lets you restrict the types of v/eapons according to class. 

• Server Name - Lets you input a 1 5-character name for your session that will be 
displayed to connected players (System Link only). 

[Go to t)tip:ffmemt/a\ lot more Iniormaiion about Multiplayer Game Types.] 

Kiii^»''miLoi^ 11